Thursday, 17 August 2017

130th birthday of Marcus Garvey

(Born 17 August 1887, St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica)
PREEMINENT African peoples-centred thinker, journalist, publisher, organiser, entrepreneur


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The haunting tragedy of a Nigeria...

BRITAIN creates a predatory estate it calls Nigeria, a name cavalierly concocted from one of the derivatives from the racist, dehumanising pan-European-created “n” epithet with edited part of word “area” added on to emphasise the conquered African peoples’ domicility, and employs an equally predatory and expansionist but African-based Hausa-Fulani/islamists originally from Futa Djallon highlands in contemporary Guinea-Conakry, 1500 miles from the west, to murder indigenous Igbo people at will to keep the estate in business in perpetuity. For the Igbo, the resistance and overcoming from nïgériana is undoubtedly existential; they are clearly the authors of their freedom which, thankfully, 51 years later, is on the cards. Igbo freedom from this haematophagous monster is the great African story of this century.

92nd birthday of Mal Waldron

(Born 16 August 1925, New York, US)
VERSATILE composer, bandleader and pianist with a distinctive minimalist approach, producing, during a career stretching 50 years, over 100 albums under his leadership and over 60 as accompanist in bands elsewhere especially those led by luminaries HolidayLincolnMingusAmmonsBurrellColtraneRoachDolphy and Little
(Mal Waldron Quintet, “The Seagulls of Kristiansund” [personnel: Waldron, piano; Woody Shaw, trumpet; Charlie Rouse, tenor saxophone; Reggie Workman, bass; Ed Blackwell, drums; recorded: live, The Village Vanguard, New York, US, 16 September 1986]) 

FWD: Genocidist Nigeria continues its murdering trail in Biafra...

TODAY, it is Ekwulobia, west Biafra – genocidist occupation military, including navy detachments (Ekwulobia is neither on the Biafra coast nor by a strategic river course in Biafra!), open fire on peaceful, defenceless population of the Biafra freedom movement, murdering at least one and wounding several ... detailed casualty figures are still coming in... In this foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest Africa, genocidist Nigeria has continued its unrelenting murder of Igbo people, thanks to its embedded support from its co-genocidist and suzerain state Britain...

87th birthday of Christopher Okigbo

(Born 16 August 1930, Ojoto, Biafra)
Africa’s most influential and celebrated poet
AS PART of today’s commemoration of Okigbo’s birthday, re-thinkingafrica reissues the 3-part video recording of Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe’s paper presentation to the Christopher Okigbo International Conference, Harvard University, 22 September 2007, entitled “Okigbo, the Africa state, genocide and the peoples”

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

142nd birthday of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

(Born 15 August 1875, Holborn, London, England)
DISTINGUISHED prolific composer whose landmark works embody African peoples-centred/-inflected themes including, especially, “Land of the Sun”, Op. 15 (1897) [anticipating Biafra?! - HE-E], “African Romances” Op.17 (1897), The Song of Hiawatha, Op. 30 (“Overture to The Song of Hiawatha”, 1899; “Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast”, 1898; “The Death of Minnehaha”, 1899; “Hiawatha’s Departure”, 1900), “African Suite”, Op. 35 (1899), Toussaint LOuverture, Op. 46 (1901), “Ethiopia Saluting the Colours”, Op. 51 [2?] (1902), “Moorish Dance”, Op. 55 (1904), “Four African Dances”, Op. 58 (1904), Kubla Khan, Op. 61 (1905), Symphonic Variations on an African Air, Op. 63 (1906), Thelma, Op. 72 (1907-9), The Bamboula, Op. 75 (1911)
(Samuel Coleridge-TaylorSymphonic variations on an African air, Op. 63 (1906), played here by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Grant Llewellyn, BBC Radio 3, London, 28 October 2004)

92nd birthday of Oscar Peterson

(Born 15 August 1925, Montreal, Canada)

AWARD winning pianist, bandleader and composer (including the freedom-quest classic, “Hymn to freedom”) whose resplendent duo (piano, bass/guitar/piano/trumpet/voice) and trio ensembles (piano, bass, drums) establish an authoritative space in the jazz repertoire for well over 50 years starting from the late 1940s
(Oscar Peterson Trio, “Hymn to freedom” [personnel: Peterson, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Ed Thigpen; recorded: live, DR VT, Holbaek, Denmark, 2 May 1964])