Monday, 8 February 2010

Anambra way forward

The Igbo people of Anambra administrative region must be congratulated for charting the distinguishing pathway to progress. They had a largely peaceful election for the position of governor last Saturday – 6 February. No comparable peaceful poll has been recorded anywhere else in Igboland and Nigeria since 1999. No single individual, elector or candidate, was hurt throughout Anambra’s momentous day; no property, private or public, destroyed, and the electorate reelected the candidate of their choice, incumbent governor Peter Obi. The overwhelming majority of Obi’s fellow contestants have since accepted the result – yet another unprecedented development. All these have occurred despite the depressive sociopolitical realities of the occupation, despite the legendary corruption and incompetence of the Nigeria electoral commission, despite the occupation’s threats to rig in another executive impostor on the people.

The liberatory politics and restoration of sovereignty of the Igbo and by extension African peoples no doubt moved onto a new threshold on 6 February 2010. Surely, the human quest for advancement is unstoppable.


  1. Nice one Herbert. How very true of the human spirit. It's unstoppable in its quest for rightness. Very nice blog - all the very best with it. Well done!

  2. Thank you Nwanna for this blog. The occupiers brought in more than 23000 police officers to rig and humilate our people yet, our people stood up and were counted when it mattered most. Justice will eventually triumph over wickedness but our people must remain consistent as this election may be the first of many changes to happen for Igbo people.