Saturday, 7 December 2013

France and Africa – the impunity goes on…

France does in Central African Republic, its 52nd invasion of “francophonie” Africa since 1960, what it has always done here (last invaded CAR in 2003!) and in others of its “Berlin-states” in Africa with staggering impunity. For France, CAR and the rest are France’s in perpetuity – since German chancellor von Bismarck-chaired 1884-1885 pan-European Berlin conference on the conquest and occupation of Africa. Keeping a stranglehold on these countries enables France, with a struggling economy, to scoop gargantuan levels of capital, mineralogical and agricultural resources that it couldn’t ever generate in its own homeland.* Furthermore, so brutally a double-jeopardy, Africans, themselves, pay for these invasions of Africa by France.**  Prime questions of the age: When will Africans stop this charade? Isn’t it now obvious that the “Berlin-states” of CAR, Niger, Congo Democratic Republic, Congo Republic, Burundi, Mali, Nigeria, the Sudan, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, whatever, “cannot hold”? Enough!
Such as it was in Côte d’Ivoire, France’s invasion no. 49 of Africa (since 1960), so it is in CAR, no. 52, and so it will be for the future targets of Paris’s choosing until Africans say, “No!” “No more!” And that day will surely come:

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