Sunday, 22 June 2014

51st birthday of Emma Okocha

(Born 22 June 1963, Asaba, Igboland)
Footballer, sports administrator, journalist, human rights activist, onye amuma ndiigbo, the courageous 4-year-old who, at the early stages of phase-III of the Igbo genocide, survives the Saturday 7 October 1967 mass execution of  700 Igbo male, boys and men, by a genocidist Nigeria military brigade (commanded by Murtala Muhammed and Ibrahim Haruna and Ibrahim Taiwo) in Asaba, twin Oshimili/Niger River port, during which most of his family and other relatives are murdered, author of Blood on the Niger (TriAtlantic Books, 2006), compulsory reference in the study of the Igbo genocide, which meticulously catalogues the savagery and aftermath of this massacre



  1. Prof Ekwe-Ekwe, you've revealed more of Emma Okocha that I did not know of, particularly his book: Blood on the Niger. Emma Okocha is an unapologetic Igboman, the ideal Igbo. God bless him, his descent and their generations to come.

    1. Many thanks, George. Emma Okocha is indeed illustrative of the tenacity of Igbo survival from this gruesome and devastating genocide. One cannot overstress Blood on the Niger's seminal position in the scholarship of the Igbo genocide. Very best!