Saturday, 3 January 2015

1st anniversary of Rotimi Amaechi’s revelatory proclamation!

Thursday 2 January 2014 – Rotimi Amaechi, speaking on AIT television, insists: “… Jonathan has developed Abia, and Imo but he refused to develop Rivers. Are we Biafrans?” ([accessed 2 January 2015]).  

In a swoop, albeit unwittingly, Rotimi Amaechi, head of regime of the Rivers administrative region, alludes to a critical plank of phase-IV of the Igbo genocide by Nigeria, beginning on 13 January 1970, which focuses on the non-development/dismantling of the economy of Igboland – Africa’s most resourceful and enterprising, prio to the genocide. 

Extraordinary! To underscore the historic significance of Amaechi’s declaration, readers are invited to click on the follow-up link and note, particularly, material under subtitle “Phase-IV..” (accessed 3 January 2015)

Whoever says history isn’t so incorrigibly fascinating?!

(Charles Mingus Sextet, “Conversation” [Mingus, bass; Clarence Shaw, trumpet; Jimmy Kneeper, trombone; Shafi Hadi, alto and tenor saxophones; Bill Evans, piano; Dannie Richmond, drums; recorded: Bethlehem Records, Cincinnati, US, 16 August 1957])
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