Thursday, 25 June 2015

FWD: Chidi Ekwe-Ekwe (15), Devilish Darlings

Stanza 1:

“Can I help you?” the sky said.

The ethereal beauty believeth not of their grass rustleth, amused at their brazen nature but suddenly a two-legged wildebeest shall be their gaoler with their misshapen frame destined to bring despair to their tailor…

“What shall we do?” the leaves whispered, a sinister undertone tinkered, sure enough, the wind initiated its vengeance, slamming into the wildebeest like a ferocious pillar, the beast’s liver gurgled, mentally their neck the passing crow circled, the environment was about to be encapsulated violence. The wildebeest paused. The sky preparing to call the cavalry, silently roared.

“What we must do” it said…


Greetings Destroyer, Beast, thou spend time chanting Satanic prayers. But we the dragons that must be the slayer, mistaken of your identity, trespassing in our humble garden. Therefore we must be your devilish darlings.

Stanza 2:

The sky hurriedly heroically called the crow saying, “The wildebeest’s disciples continue the work hitherto and beyond, which is of course hereditary”. Then the crow cried, “On my honour, I will strike the beast so hard I fear shamelessly I may give him dysentery!” So of course the crow proceeded to call its avenging angels – the hawk and the fox to treat nature’s bystanders to a sight that had never been witnessed, potentially hideous, but performing Moksha vanquishing the insidious, praying that the separate segment could elicit jealousy from the coniferous…

The work completed-

The grass mused at the unrecognisable wildebeest-

… Not that it cared about the past tense but it was hesitant about the wildebeest’s cattle, typically ignorant and innocent, a bad combination contrary to a beautiful constellation, thunder abruptly destroyed that fantasy and lightning threatened casualties but as the cattle ran for their sanity, the sky repeated the two words but with a new anomaly: “Devilish Darlings are a separate family”.


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