Wednesday, 9 September 2015

FWD: Joe R Feagin, How Blacks Built America: Labor, culture, freedom and democracy

Joe R Feagin, How Blacks built America (Abingdon & New York: Routledge, 2015, 252 pp.), £90.00/US$25.24-US$136.47hc; £24.99/US$36.39-39.95pbk; £23.74/US$36.26kindle

Book summary
How Blacks Built America examines the many positive and dramatic contributions made by African Americans to this country over its long history. Almost all public and scholarly discussion of African Americans accenting their distinctive societal position, especially discussion outside black communities, has emphasized either stereotypically negative features or the negative socioeconomic conditions that they have long faced because of systemic racism. In contrast, Feagin reveals that African Americans have long been an extraordinarily important asset for this country. Without their essential contributions, indeed, there probably would not have been a United States. This is an ideal addition to courses race and ethnicity courses.

Joe R Feagin is Ella C McFadden professor of sociology, Texas ARM University, and prolific author whose books include Racist America (2002), Systemic racism (2006), Two faced racism (2007), White party, White government (2012), The white racial frame (Second edition, 2013), Racist America (Third Edition, 2014)


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