Saturday, 23 April 2016

69th birthday of Ifi Amadiume

(Born 23 April 1947, Kaduna, Nigeria)
Poet and anthropologist, one of the theorists in the early circle of scholars that embarks on the study and transformation of the epistemology of Igbo Women’s Studies inaugurated in the 1960s-1970s by novelist Flora Nwapa and sociologist Kamene Okonjo, author of Male Daughters, Female Husbands (1987), the seminal text that examines the historic dual-gender complementarity and consequential socioeconomic dynamism of pre-(British)conquest Biafra
(Alice Coltrane Quintet, “Blue Nile” [personnel: Coltrane, harp; Joe Henderson, alto flute, Pharoah Sanders, alto flute; Ron Carter, bass; Ben Riley, drums; recorded: Coltrane home studios, Dix Hills, New York, US, 26 January 1970])
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  1. Many thanks, Prof, for reminding us of our great sister, mother, and perceptive intellectual--Ify Amadiume--who brilliantly highlighted what many cultural outsiders denigrated without understanding how it sustained the sense of decorum that the Igbo enjoyed long before the advent of the European colonialist into our shores. Prof. Amadiume belongs to the rare breed of women on the planet that continues to show direction to a misguided humanity. I number her in the same eulogistic rhymes that would always feature Catherine Obianuju Acholonu, Flora Nwapa, Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo, to mention just these few. Happy birthday, to our own Ify Amadiume.

  2. Many thanks, Osita, for this excellent comment. Very best of the week, Herbert