Tuesday, 31 May 2016

49 Biafrans murdered by Nigeria-occupation military and police in Biafra, scores wounded and hundreds detained as the genocidists shoot peaceful Biafrans celebrating Heroes Day/Independence Day across Biafra, Monday 30 May 2016

According to the wide-ranging report from across Biafra by the Vanguard (Lagos, Tuesday 31 May 2015), filed by a combined team of 11 reporters (Emeka Mamah, Jimitota Onyume, Vincent Ujumadu, Chidi Nkopara, Anayo Okoli, Peter Okutu, Nwabueze Okonkwo, Francis Igata, Chimaobi Nwaiwu, Cyril Ozor and Chinedu Adonu), this Biafra day of celebration was “turned bloody” indeed by these Nigerian-occupation murdering assaults across Biafra.

Early on in the morning, “at about 3 am”, the Vanguard reports, the genocidists murdered five worshippers attending mass on the grounds of St Edmund’s Church, Nkpo, near Onicha (west Biafra), and later continued their free-fire assault on Biafra celebrants in the greater Onicha district when they gunned down 35 others. Across the bridge over the Oshimili River in Asaba twin-city (also west Biafra), the genocidists murdered seven Biafrans in addition to two others murdered on the bridge itself.

In Umuahia, east Biafra, one celebrant was murdered and ten detained. The genocidists extended their detention of celebrants in the cities of Enuugwu (capital, northcentral), Abakeleke (northeast), Owere (eastcentral) and Igwe Ocha (south). At the Nsukka University town (north), the genocidists marched into St Theresa’s Cathedral and removed and detained 40 celebrants from the church. 

On this attack of the cathedral, an observer tells the Vanguard: “the police circled the Catholic Cathedral, sneaked into the church and arrested the members of the special thanksgiving mass”.
(Andrew Hill Sextet, “Dedication” [personnel: Hill, piano; Kenny Dorham, trumpet; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone; Richard Davis, bass; Tony Williams, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studios, Englewoods Cliff, NJ, US, 21 March 1964])
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