Saturday, 17 December 2016

FWD: Plaques in Queen Mary University of London commemorating 1887 visit to the college by Belgian genocidist king Leopold II torn down

(King Leopold II of the Belgians)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY of London officials have quietly removed two plaques in the university honouring Belgian genocidist king Leopold II. Leopold II, first cousin of Queen Victoria of England, had visited Queen Mary in June 1887 to lay the foundation stone of the college’s library.

“Magnificent African cake”

Students and others in the university have for long protested against this school’s enduring relationship with Leopold. Leopold was responsible for the expansive genocide of constituent nations in the Congo basin of central Africa in the 1860s-1909, murdering 13 million Africans as he sought control of the region’s ivory and rubber resources in this burgeoning “Berlin sate” mission as he unabashedly and remorselessly stated at the time: “to secure a slice of this magnificent African cake”.

To also cherry pick their own slice in the “magnificent African cake” of the mission, Germany waged a genocidist campaign against the Herero, Nama and Berg Damara peoples of southwest Africa slaughtering 85%, 51% and 30% respectively of these peoples between 1904 and 1911.

Britain, for its part, sought further slices into the “magnificent African cake” spread that it had enjoyed all along for 100 years when it, under the premiership of Harold Wilson, and its client state Nigeria launched a genocide against the Igbo of southwestcentral Africa, murdering 3.1 million of the people (25% of this nation's population) during 29 May 1966-12 January 1970. Few now doubt that Europe’s “Berlin state” in Africa is demonstrably one of the most viciously constructed murder-machines in history.

States of life

For African peoples, the “Berlin states” constitute an existential emergency. African peoples have no other choice but abandon these certain death-states and construct their own states of life.
(The New York Contemporary Five plays “Sound barrier” [personnel: Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone; Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; John Tchicai, alto saxophone; Don Moore, bass; JC Moses, drums; recorded: live, Jazzus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 November 1963]) 

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