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29 March 2017 and 29 May 1966 or Britain, Brexit, Igbo genocide, Biafra freedom

(THERESA MAY“restore ... our self determination”) 
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

Background of contrasts

(Harold Wilson, British prime minister at the apogee of phase-III of Igbo genocide, 1968/1969, is totally unfazed as he informs Clyde Ferguson, the United States state department special coordinator for relief to this British-led premeditated mass murder campaign that had comprehensively besieged and was bombarding Biafra for 44 months, that he, Harold Wilson, “would accept a half million dead Biafrans if that was what it took” the Fulani islamist/jihadist-led Nigeria to destroy the Igbo resistance to the genocide [Roger MorrisUncertain Greatness: Henry Kissinger and American Foreign Policy, London and New York: Quartet Books, 1977: 122])


TODAY, Wednesday 29 March 2017, at 1230 Hours British Summer Time, British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered off the so-called article 50 of the treaty of Lisbon, formally announcing British termination of its membership of the European Union following the country’s 23 June 2016 historic referendum decision. In this letter of termination to Donald Tusk, the EU president, May is adamant that Britain is leaving the union to  “restore ... our self determination” (“Prime Ministers letter to Donald Tusk on the triggering of article 50,, 29 March 2017, [],
accessed 29 March 2017). 

For Britain, a country that has spent the greater part of its 300 years of global conquest and occupation of states and peoples, constructing bogus and particularly ahistorical entities called “federations” to enhance its subjugation and expropriation drives (Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe, Readings from Reading: Essays in African Politics, Genocide, Literature [Dakar and Reading: African Renaissance, 2011], especially pp. 1-6), its decision to desperately quit the EU agglomeration of states and peoples,  just after 44 years, cannot be lost on the individual or collective sensibilities of students and scholars and other keen observers of this subject of history.

Biafra is before Brexit

DEFINITELY, this is not lost on the Igbo people of Biafra of southwestcentral Africa who Britain and its amalgam of willing and ruthless pan-African constituent nations in the British-constructed Nigeria “federation” (including, particularly, the Fulani, Kanuri, Jawara, Hausa, Nupe, Bachama, Tiv, and Jukun of the north region and the Yoruba, Itsekiri and Edo of its west provinces) have been subjected to the longest, most expansive and monstrous genocide in contemporary history – since Sunday 29 May 1966

Britain and its pan-African allies in the Nigeria “federation” murdered 3.1 million Igbo people or 25 per cent of Igbo population during 44 months of phases I-III of the genocide (29 May 1966-12 January 1970) to preserve this Nigeria “federation”; Britain and its pan-African allies in the Nigeria “federation” have murdered tens of thousands of additional Igbo people since 13 January 1970, phase-IV, to preserve this Nigeria “federation”; as these lines are written, Britain and its pan-African allies in the Nigeria “federation” are murdering more Igbo people to preserve this Nigeria “federation” ... 2000 Igbo have been murdered between October 2015 and presently by the Nigeria regime, currently headed by Muhammadu Buhari (imposed in power in March 2015 by former British Prime Minister Cameron and ex-US President Obama, himself an African American, the first African-descent president after 233 years of the US republic), a notoriously fiendish genocidist operative who has been centrally involved in the genocide since 1966 to preserve this Nigeria “federation”… 

THE Igbo genocide is the longest and one of the bloodiest genocides of contemporary history. On the record, no single nation or people in Africa has suffered this extent of a catastrophic state(s)’-premeditated and organised genocide in history as the Igbo.

Post-Brexit, Biafra freedom

Prime Minster May knows that she must terminate, at once, this horrendous British-led genocide against Igbo people, 3130 miles away. Igbo people expect that a post-Brexit Britain will have no choice but sit down with a free Biafran government and discuss, fully, the entire history of the Igbo genocide, 400 years of the enslavement of the people of Biafra and the subsequent conquest and occupation of Biafra, forced into the genocidist Nigeria “federation”. 

Britain will surely accept full responsibility for these crimes against humanity, apologise to Biafrans, and pay full reparations (

NOW is the time.

(Eric Dolphy Septet plays “Naima”, John Coltrane’s classic composition [personnel: Dolphy, bass clarinet; Donald Byrd, trumpet; Nathan Davis, tenor saxophone; Jacques Dieval, piano; Jacques B Hess, bass; Franco Manzecchi, drums; Jacky Bambou, percussion; recorded: ORTF radio broadcasts, Paris, France, 11 June 1964])
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  1. I think to demand reparations would be counterproductive to Biafran geopolitical power because Britain will certainly refuse to pay. When Biafra demands reparations and Britain refuses to comply they have crossed the proverbial line. Biafra would then have to respond with economic sanctions or force, neither of which would induce a severe impact on the British economy. I think a more constructive approach would be to sever all economic trade with Britain that is not advantageous to Biafran industries of choice and heavily invest in manufacturing to become the dominant economic power in Africa.