Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The potent word is “referendum”!

INDEED. The Biafra freedom movement’s concerted plan to hold a referendum for 50 million Biafrans on restoration-of-independence appears to have dramatically sent the genocidist Nigeria state into free fall. Day in, day out, the Biafrans have continued to challenge and overturn the range of “conventional wisdom” that undergirds liberation quests of recent history.


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  1. One wishes that investment-governed Igbo in Abuja and Lagos do not derail the generation-long quest by their kit&kin world-wide for freedom. It is often pathetic to see a few highly-placed Igbo opting to perish in 21st century slavery because of political appointments, filthy lucre and investments in Kano, Abuja and Lagos. They readily equate an innocuous desire of their people for self determination with lack of patroitism and war! They fail to understand that true brothers do not have to be conjoint twins. Even conjoint twins are almost always successfully seperated with no notable damage to either twin. They choose to equate success with size and/or population. Truly pathetic! Truth is that Nigerians, Africans and indeed all humanity are brothers and sisters under one Divine Maker irrespective of any, and all politically-chosen or imperialist-imposed country nomenclature.
    "Freedom! Freedom!
    Everywhere there must be freedom!
    Freedom for you, freedom for me!
    Everywhere there must be freedom!"
    ---Mazi Mbonu Ojike (1956)
    As freedom bells rang among our people more than sixty years ago, so should they again ring today, indeed more loudly so.
    And in the midst if all these, and in order to facilitate same, one thing also needs to occur: "Bature Must Make Amends!"
    She it was, that forced the amalgamation upon hitherto peacefully-coexisting peoples. She owes it a duty to peace, justice and humanity to ensure a peaceful de-amalgamation.
    Oliver Akamnonu