Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Biafra-Britain relations: Abstract

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

THERE IS DEFINITELY no subject in these past 51 years, i.e., since the 29 May 1966 Anglo-Nigeria launch date of the Igbo genocide, this foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest Africa, in which the critical institutions of the British state (including, particularly, academia, media, church) have all converged, unproblematically, to support as the perpetration of the Igbo genocide. Igbo independence is in fact anathema to Britain ( Without this robust British involvement, the field/on-the-ground Hausa-Fulani/islamist-led génocidaires in Nigeria, this brazenly indolent anti-African grouping immanently obsequious to the diktats of its bature overlords, cannot continue to commit this crime against humanity much longer – definitely, not beyond a few weeks. The restoration of Igbo independence will surely inaugurate a strategic reordering of Biafra-Britain relations which will have far-reaching consequences on the rest of the African World and elsewhere.
(John Coltrane Quartet, “Sun ship” [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone, McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass;  Elvin Jones, drums; recorded: Impulse!, New York, US,  26 August 1965])
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