Friday, 22 May 2015

101st birthday of Sun Ra

(Born 22 May 1914, Birmingham, Alabama, US)
Pianist, bandleader, prolific composer whose output, arrangements and orchestra’s performances are influenced profoundly by Kemetic philosophical, astronomical and aesthetic conceptions
(Sun Ra and his Band from Outer Space, “Space aura” [personnel: Sun Ra, piano, clavioline; Teddy Nance, trombone; Ali Hassan, trombone;  Robert Cummings, bass clarinet; Pat Patrick, baritone saxophone, flute, percussion; Marshall Allen, alto saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo, percussion; John Gilmore, tenor saxophone, percussion; Ronnie Boykins, bass; Clifford Jarvis, drums; James Jacson, log drums, flute, percussion; Carl Nimrod Malone, sun horn, gong, percussion; recorded, live, University of Buffalo, [?] May 1966])  

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