Saturday, 16 May 2015

Contemporary Africa…

(Africa: What a season… Beginning from the late March 2015 proclamation by Rilwan Akiolu, king or oba of Lagos, Nigeria, for the mass murder of Igbo people domiciled in Lagos and their bodies dumped in the Lagos lagoon [bight notorious for the dumping of murdered Igbo in the Lagos region at the beginning of the Igbo genocide in 1966], there has been an aggressively expansive surge in Nigeria made by some other personages in the country, including intellectuals, calling for the murder of the Igbo and/or “rationalising”/“denying” the Igbo genocide [29 May 1966-12 January 1970] … in a season when hundreds of other Africans who wish to emigrate to Europe drown in the Mediterranean … in a season when a number of non-South African Africans are being murdered in South Africa by their hosts … in a season when Boko Haram in north Nigeria and al-shabaab of Somalia in Kenya expand their near-decade-old killing fields … in a season when scores of Africans are murdered in Burundi by head of incumbent regime forces and generals and their subalterns engaged in yet another dreadful fire-fight to seize state power somewhere in Africa … The following essay with link below, first published in [21 May 2014], is reissued here as a contribution to the debate on the  post-[European]conquest state in Africa.)

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