Friday, 24 July 2015

2nd anniversary of second deportation of Igbo people from Lagos, Nigeria

Date of deportation: 24 July 2013

On this day, 24 July 2013, Raji Fashola, head of the Lagos region regime in Nigeria, deports 72 Igbo, including several children and older people some of whom have disabilities, from Lagos to Onicha, the Igbo Oshimili delta city, 230 miles away  both this deportation and the earlier Igbo Lagos expulsion, carried out on 22 September 2012 by Fashola, constitute a dreadful precursor to the April 2015 royal edict by Rilwan Akiolu, the king or oba of Lagos, in which the monarch calls for the murder of Igbo people domiciled in this Lagos region (, accessed 23 July 2015).
(Raji Fashola)
The following link carries a commentary on this 24 July 2013 deportation:


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  1. i had this news on radio biafra but not sure of the authenticity of the news . how true is this , who and who was deported and through what means ?