Saturday, 4 July 2015

Crucial reminder of our times: the state is transient; the people endures

The right to self-determination is for every people. It is inalienable and is guaranteed by the United Nations. No people, any peoples, is exempt from exercising this right. This is why the slogan that proclaims such gibberish or ahistoricism as “indivisibility”/”indissolubility”/“indestructibility” of a state, any state, is not really worth the paper it is written on except of course it is an embedded code by a slaughtering-horde for the plot of the next pogrom or the reinforcement of the terror of an ongoing genocide as a Nigeria, for instance, objectifies. 

As everyone knows, the states that Europe created in Africa, in the aftermath of its 1884-1885 Berlin conqueror-conference, cannot provide the fundamental needs of Africans.  This “Berlin-state”, with its cursed name (Nigeria, Niger, the Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, whatever!), cannot lead Africans to the reconstructive changes they deeply yearn for after the tragic history of centuries of occupation. Such change was and never is the mission of this state but instruments to expropriate and despoil Africa by the conquest. Essentially, the “Berlin-state” still serves the interests of its creators and those of the ruthless cabal of African-overseers, especially those from continental regions whose historical antecedents were anchored with studied content of being occupied indefinitely by the European conqueror (e.g., Hausa-Fulani north Nigeria vis-à-vis the British occupation of Nigeria), who police the dire straits of existence that is the lot of Africans currently.
(Oliver Nelson Septet, “Stolen moments” [personnel: Nelson, tenor saxophone; Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Eric Dolphy, flute; George Barrow, baritone saxophone; Bill Evans, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Roy Haynes, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 23 February 1961])
As in Berlin, the state is not a gift from the gods. On the contrary, the state is a relationship painstakingly formulated and constructed by groups of human beings on our planet Earth to pursue aspirations and interests envisioned by these same human beings within a shared historical and geographical articulation. The African humanity is presently gripped in a grave crisis for survival. It is now time that it abandoned the contrived “Berlin-state” in order to survive. This state is a bane of African existence. African nations, namely the Igbo, Ijo, Wolof, Ibibio, Asante, Baganda, Bakongo, Gĩkũyũ, Bambara, Luo, etc., etc, remain the basis for the regeneration of Africa’s redevelopment. These nations are the sites of the continent’s intellectual and other cultural creativity.

Path to civilisation

What is being stressed here is that African peoples, themselves, must decide on the issue of sovereignty in the post-“Berlin-state” epoch even if the outcome were to lead to the creation of 1001 states in Africa – or more. In this epoch of freedom, any African peoples who, for instance, wishes to chart a future based on the precepts of their forebears in the 12th century Contemporary Era (CE) or even way back, to say, 8th century Before Contemporary Era (BCE),  has the right to pursue this goal. Equally any African peoples who believes that their aspirations lie in working through challenges of the 21st century CE and projecting targets of creativity and transformations subsequently, must exercise this right. On the latter, Igbo intellectuals, whose people have been subjected to this catastrophic horror stretch of genocide by a Nigeria since 29 May 1966, couldn't have had their reconstructionary work cut out. 

Yet to achieve the goal(s) of any of the stipulated paths above does not require anyone to embark on murdering someone else or have themselves murdered, as typified, again as an example, a contemporary Nigeria where the Boko Haram proto islamist state insurgency slaughters people so routinely as some hauntingly mandatory daily chore...  

For the future survival of the African humanity, the following declaration is unmistakeably forthright: let no more die for the path to the envisaged civilisation mapped out by any peoples of Africa or, in other words, howsoever this civilisation a people chooses is construed, let no one be murdered for its actualisation. It surely can be attained and sustained without committing a crime, particularly genocide – a crime against humanity.


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