Sunday, 22 November 2015

How an anti-Biafra freedom columnist acknowledges the restoration of Biafran sovereignty empirically in spite of themself

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

THE anti-Biafra freedom columnist, writing recently in, notes:
If a referendum were held today, there is no doubt that over 70% of people in the five south-east states would vote YES for separation. A little over 50% in Rivers State would also vote YES. Between 40% and 50% would vote YES in other south-south states: Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Edo. A similar result might be reproduced if the people of the south-west were to be subjected to a referendum to determine whether Oduduwa republic should come into being. Therefore, the Federal Government should not agree to a referendum. (upper case designations above as well as snippets of the Nigerian-occupation bogus geopolitical lexicon referencing Biafra are in the original HE-E)
Extraordinary! In a swoop, just in four sentences, this columnist is informing the world precisely as follows:  “[i]f a referendum were held today”, not only would the people in occupied Biafra (since 13 January 1970) vote for the restoration of their country’s sovereignty but the majority of the peoples in south Nigeria, including the Yoruba and Edo nations, would also vote for independence from Nigeria.

PEOPLES in south Nigeria constitute the majority of peoples in Nigeria and going by the reading of the columnist a majority of the population in Nigeria would vote for independence from this state that calls itself Nigeria if given the democratic opportunity to determine their choice. 

So, what’s the fuss of “one Nigeria”? Just what is  this “one Nigeria”? Whose “one Nigeria” is it? Britain’s, its creator, and the latter’s indolent north region-based feudal retrograde client Fulani islamist/jihadist overseers (inaugurated by Britain in the 1940s/1950s) infamously opposed to (Igbo-led) African liberation from the British occupation (1930s-October 1960) and etched on the illusory hierarchy of this grotesquely subjugating edifice? Who?

Redefining dynamics

AS most observers know, including indeed this hapless, brazenly anti-democratic columnist, the majority of peoples in Nigeria want an early exit from arguably the most notorious of Africa’s “Berlin states” – the state that carried out the Igbo genocide, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970 (phases I-III), the foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest state, murdering 3.1 million Igbo or one-quarter of this nation’s population and inaugurating Africa’s current age of pestilence, has subsequently murdered tens of thousands of additional Igbo during phase-IV of the genocide (13 January 1970- present), the state that harbours the most ruthless terrorist organisations in the world presently
(, accessed 22 November 2015), humanity’s most noxious kakistocratic state. 

Surely, the Biafrans will have the opportunity for a referendum very soon and they will vote overwhelmingly to restore their independence. As these lines are written, hundreds of thousands of peaceful Biafrans have turned their cities and towns and villages into panoramic freedom park marches, begun at 12 noon on Friday 6 November 2015, unprecedented in Africa, demanding their beloved Biafra and insisting on the release of freedom broadcaster Nnamdi Kanu, illegally detained by the Nigeria regime. 

BIAFRANS are redefining the dynamics of the march for freedom in Africa. Biafra will be free.  The columnist must start getting used to this development. Nigeria, this essentially anti-African imperium is, in fact, in freefall with its epitaph already signposting its dreadful history: Haematophagous Monster.


Back to referendum, finally, and a quick comment on that historic vote in Scotland last year. The columnist, who is conceivably domiciled somewhere in Europe or north America, is probably aware of that Scottish exercise. 

If the Scots had voted the 70 per cent score the columnist assigned to a possible Biafra referendum-run (see quote above), Scotland would have been independent of Britain today! David Cameron, British prime minister, wouldn’t have dared oppose this outcome. This is because David Cameron is a democrat and respects the rights of 5 million Scots to freedom. This is an inalienable right for all peoples (, accessed 22 November 2015).

IT IS therefore a telling indictment on this columnist’s brand of education and worldview not to appear to be aware that 50 million Biafrans in southwestcentral Africa as well as every people elsewhere on planet earth have this right.
(Sonny Rollins Trio, “The freedom suite” [personnel: Rollins, tenor saxophone; Oscar Pettiford, bass; Max Roach, drums; recorded: Riverside Records, New York, US, 7 March 1958])
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