Friday, 4 March 2016

African World, Harvard Law School, History

FWD: Sean Coughlan, “Harvard Law School scraps official crest…”, BBC News, London, Friday 4 March 2015,
(, accessed 4 March 2016)

See also:

1. Sean Coughlan, “Smallpox general…”, BBC News, London, Wednesday 18 November 2015,
(, accessed 18 November 2015)

2. “FWD: Nomenclature galore… What’s in a name? History… Whose history? Now a jump over the pond from Jesus College, Cambridge to Harvard!”,

3. FWD: Africa: ‘okuku, history, conquest, history – now’s the turn of Jesus College, Cambridge”,

4.“FWD: Whose lands? Whose resources? Whose scholarship?”, 

5.“FWD ... History: alumni, endowment, Oriel College, Cecil Rhodes, the statue, funding, future”,

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