Monday, 7 March 2016

Biafra – new dramatic priceless evidence for the Igbo genocide prosecutor’s briefcase: Al Jazeera’s Martine Dennis’s determined offer to screen video footage of the 9 February 2016 Aba massacre for Muhammadu Buhari during an interview in Qatar is rejected by the Nigeria head-of-regime

(Martine Dennis)
Martine Dennis (Al Jazeera):  … I could show you the video…
Muhammadu Buhari: No, thank you!
(Focussed Martine Dennis offers to screen Aba massacre video during the interview...)
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  1. Martine Dennis, we honestly appreciate your courageous by showing your true professionalism for bringing BIAFRA to president Buhari to say something about his operatives killing innocent Biafrans at Aba. Buhari himself has committed genocide during the Biafra-Nigerian civil war, and has truncated democracy in Nigeria. Since Buhari took office he has killed a lot of Biafrans, more than 400 Biafrans are missing, over 700 Biafrans are in Nigerian jail simple because they want to be free, they want their country Biafra, Why Buhari can't release their leader Nnamdi Kanu and have a dialogue with IPOB leader and Biafrans? Buhari is the one who doesn't want peace. Therefore; we want our own country Biafra, and we ask all peace and freedom loving people around the world to help us restore BIAFRA.