Saturday, 4 June 2016

71st birthday of Anthony Braxton

(Born 4 June 1945, Chicago, US)
One of the most prolific composers of his generation with music stretching in multiform genres that he collectively captions “creative music”, multiinstrumentalist, philosopher, academic, chess player
(DaveHollandQuartet, “Interception” [personnel: Holland, bass; Sam Rivers, tenor saxophone {first solo take}; Anthony Braxton, reeds {solo after Holland’s and before the Braxton-Rivers interplay passage}; Barry Altschul, percussion, marimba; recorded: Allegro Studios, New York, US, 30 November 1972]) 
(Dave Holland Quartet, “Conference of the birds” [personnel: Holland, bass; Rivers, reeds, flute; Braxton, reeds, fluteBarry Altschul, percussion, marimba; recorded: {as above}])

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