Thursday, 16 June 2016

FWD: Bolivia rejects “offensive” chicken donation from Bill Gates (James Vincent, The Verge)

US billionaire Bill Gates’s recent offer to donate 100,000 chickens to some “impoverished countries” in Africa as well as Bolivia has been rejected by the government of Bolivia.

César Cocarico, the countrys minister of land and rural development, describes Gates’s gift as “offensive”. César Cocarico notes: “[Gates] does not know Bolivia’s reality to think we are living 500 years ago, in the middle of the jungle not knowing how to produce ... Respectfully, he should stop talking about Bolivia, and once he knows more, apologize to us ... Bolivians have a lot of production and do not need any gifted chicks in order to live ... [W]e have dignity ... [I]t’s rude coming from a magnate that does not know Bolivia’s reality”.

According to current Bolivian government statistics, the country “produces 197 million chickens annually and has the capacity to export 36 million”.
It will be keenly followed how the African countries in Gates’s “impoverished” list would respond to the Bill Gates offer of “chickens”. (HE-E)


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