Friday, 19 August 2016

Perpetuating racist stereotypes

An anonymous viewer’s complaint to the BBC, London, over the broadcaster’s television evening news bulletin on the just released 2016 “A” level (pre-university) examination results, Thursday 18 August 2016:
I was so disheartened and frankly disgusted to watch BBC’s reporting of the “A” level results on the evening news. After speaking about how the country, largely, did well the visuals opened up with a young African descent woman who had scored D and U grades and was clearly unconcerned with these results! As you well know, there are literally thousands of African descent students who today would have received great passes from their schools. A big shame to you BBC for perpetuating such racist and stereotypical attitudes. You have such an important opportunity and an obligation as a public broadcaster (funded by the taxpayer) to dispel these myths and portray all children fairly and truthfully, but instead your news presentation is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the overpaid bleeding heart liberals that populate the management of this anachronistic organisation.

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