Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday 19 May 2017 urgent news focus: Nigeria occupying genocidist brigade in Biafra attack a Biafra women’s conference meeting in Abiriba, east Biafra, stripping several women bare right in the hall of the assembly…

(Friday 19 May 2017: Some of the delegates gather soon after the horrendous assault by Nigeria genocidist brigade of the Biafra women’s conference meeting in Abiriba, east Biafra)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

IF EVER the world requires a reminder, this assault on Igbo women conference delegates in Abiriba underscores the definitive stride of the Hausa-Fulani islamist jihadist-led Nigeria/British suzerain state genocide against Igbo people. During phases I-III (29 May 1966-12 January 1970), the genocide anthem’s lyrics in Hausa language from its ghoulish sound track, broadcast on Kaduna radio and television state-run radio and television services, are hauntingly stark:

Mu je mu kashe nyamiri
Mu kashe maza su da yan maza su
Mu chi mata su da yan mata su
Mu kwashe kaya su

English translation
Let’s go kill the damned Igbo
Kill off their men and boys
Rape their wives and daughters
Cart off their property

POINTEDLY, the anthem’s mission and thus the genocide strike at the very heart of  Igboland gender relations for over a millennium – clearly what the Igbo sociologist Kemena Okonjo has described programmatically as Igbo dual-gender complementarity. This genocide’s annhilative goal is total: Igbo people – the Igbo female and the Igbo male. 

Alas, the genocide perpetrators do not as yet recognise the current, often noisy NGO-ish, easy-money churning, pointedly grandstanding a-historical discourses in the West World that flag off  “girl-child” vs “male-child” binaries in the attempt to engineer the humanity of especially African peoples for envisaged, suggestively catastrophic gender “re-ordering” schemas... For now, the duo Anglo-islamist Nigeria that has murdered Igbo people for the past 51 years, murdering 3.1 million and tens of thousands more, duly acknowledge a composite Igbo humanity and this is what they pursue and the Abiriba attack is encapsulated in that strategy... 

AS USUAL, the Biafran resistance recorded comprehensively all principal Nigerian genocidist troopers (including rank details and formations) who participated in the Abiriba outrage earlier today. These genocidists and their chief, Muhammadu Buhari,do know too clearly that there are no statute of limitations in international law in the apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of anyone or institution involved in the act of committing genocide. 

The Igbo will seek to prosecute all these troopers in Abiriba who attacked Igbo today, Friday 19 May 2017, as well as all those who have committed similar heinous crimes against the Igbo since the genocide was launched on Sunday 29 May 1966.
(Eric Dolphy Septet plays “Naima”, John Coltrane’s classic composition [personnel: Dolphy, bass clarinet; Donald Byrd, trumpet; Nathan Davis, tenor saxophone; Jacques Dieval, piano; Jacques B Hess, bass; Franco Manzecchi, drums; Jacky Bambou, percussion; recorded: ORTF radio broadcasts, Paris, France, 11 June 1964])
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