Sunday, 21 May 2017

FWD: Chudi Nnamdi’s witness! Chudi Nnamdi runs for Biafra in the Saturday 20 May 2017 Stockholm Marathon, Sweden – definitely, Chudi Nnamdi hasn’t run under genocidist Nigeria’s flag... Nnamdi, who wins a medal at the tournament, dedicates his achievement appropriately: “I thank Chiukwu Okike Abiama for giving me the strength to represent Biafra in a successful marathon in Stockholm, Sweden today. I dedicate my medal to the Biafran heroes and my prayers shall be … both day and night. All hail our heroes! God bless Biafra!”

(Chudi Nnamdi soon after his historic medal win run under the Biafra flag at the Stockholm Marathon, Sweden, Saturday 20 May 2017)
To underscore, further, the historic significance of Chudi Nnamdi’s decision to run for Biafra, not genocidist Nigeria, see Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe, “Biafra at the Rio 2016 Olympics: A retrospective”, Pambazuka News: Voices for Freedom and Justice, 9 March 2017, 
(, accessed 12 March 2017.
(Cecil Taylor, “Pontos cantados” [personnel: Taylor, piano; recorded: One night with Blue Note: The historic all-star reunion concert, Town Hall, New York, US, 22 February 1985])
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