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Asymmetrical matrix: genocidist Nigeria, force, Igbo survival, collapse of the Soviet Union

 (...the state in history is transient... the peoples endure: USSR/The Soviet Union, 30 December 1922-26 December 1991)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe 
On a personal note, the phased end of the USSR was a turning point for me. It convinced me that change can be brought about without firing a single shot  
(Muhammadu Buhari, the barely educated***** genocidist Nigeria commander, north/northcentral Biafra, during phase-III of the Igbo genocide, 6 July 1966-12 January 1970, addressing” a meeting at Chatham House, London, England, 1000-1030 Hours GMT, Thursday 26 February 2015, arranged by his British establishment minders just a month before then British Prime Minister Cameron and ex-US President Obama, two well educated persons in their respective publics, expectedly, who are both brazenely contemptuous of African peoples’ education and transformative opportunities, imposed the Buhari as Nigeria’s head-of-regime)
VERY MUCH interpellated in this thought process in Muhammadu Buhari’s mind of not-firing a single shot and the fall of the Soviet Union must be his realisation, even if belated, that despite the staggering pulverising force his genocidist military deployed to destroy Igbo people during phases I-III of the genocide of 29 May 1966-12 January 1970, the Igbo survived whilst contemporary Nigeria is a staggeringly, withering wretch.

The Soviet Union supported the genocide by sending in the squadrons of MiGs to Nigeria, flown by loaned failed Egyptian pilots whose air force had virtually been destroyed by Israel in the 6-Day War just a few months earlier (not Nigerian pilots as the country no longer had such prized personnel since the genocidists murdered outstanding Igbo pilots who made up the then Nigeria air force service during phase-I of the genocide [29 May 1966-4 January 1967] and slaughter-survivors escaped to Biafra to begin the construction of the Biafra air force), specialists in the carpet bombing of Igbo homes, offices, markets, churches, shrines, schools, childrens playgrounds, hospitals, railway stations, trains, cars, car parks, refugee centres… 

This same Soviet Union, this seemingly redoubtable state, soon, beginning December 1991, collapses “without (sic) a single shot fired”(!) but its constituent peoples survive – a reminder, if ever there was one, that the state, including this one conqueror Britain ignominously called Nigeria in 1914, is transient; peoples endure 
(...the state in history is transient... the peoples endure: post-USSR/The Soviet Union – 15 new sovereign states emerged after the collapse of this colossus of a state, beginning December 1991...)
IT SHOULD now be evident to Buhari (and others) that those reptilian epaulettes for “majors” and “sergeants” and “corporals” and “generals” and lieutenants” and “colonels” decked by genocidists who streamed to Biafra during those 44 dreadful months to murder 3.1 million Igbo children and women and men are nothing else but signifiers for perpetrating this heinous crime against humanity. 
*****ACCORDING to the 1999 genocidist Nigeria “constitution”, an aspiring candidate for the position of the statehead-of-regime must possess a WASSCE certificate (school certificate/WASC/WAEC/high school/GCE “O” Level/GCSE “O” Level equivalent). Muhammadu Buhari does not have this basic qualification but was imposed regardless as head-of-regime by Cameron and Obama, a decision implemented on the ground in this British client-state by a ruthless overseer oligarchy led by Fulani islamists/jihadists, this unabashedly indolent and sleazy anti-African peoples’ grouping immanently obsequious to the diktats of its bature overlords, adamantly opposed to the freedom of African peoples from the British conquest and occupation which Igbo people had spearheaded during mid-1930s-October 1960.
(Wayne Shorter Octet, “Mephistopheles” [personnel: Shorter, tenor saxophone; Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Alan Shorter, fluegelhorn; Grachan Moncur III, trombone; James Spaulding, alto saxophone; Herbie Hancock, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Joe Chambers, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood, NJ, US, 15 October 1965])
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