Thursday, 3 May 2018

From London to Washington – head of genocidist Nigeria regime Muhammadu Buhari who had infamously vituperated the youths of his “country” as “… just to sit down and do nothing” in a London conference a fortnight ago now turns his sights on the calamitous failure of youths specifically from his own region of islamist north Nigeria

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

ASKED BY the Voice of America in Washington (Tuesday 1 May 2018) during his current visit to the United States on that London diatribe on his “country”’s youth
(Wednesday 18 April 2018:, Muhammadu Buhari, head of regime of genocidist Nigeria, decides to focus solely on the youth in his islamist/jihadist north Nigeria in his reply this time round:
... 60 per cent [of the population in Nigeria] are the youth below the age of 30. In the North [region] … most have not attended school or they abandoned halfway ... [M]ost of them have no job, just idling away…
Murderers incorporated

BY FOCUSING on this north Nigeria data though, Buhari has highlighted, albeit unwittingly, a grippingly salient socioeconomic insight of this region in which all but two heads of regime in Nigeria since 1966, all genocidist operatives in the genocide of Igbo people of Biafra, foundational genocide of post-European conquest Africa, 29 May 1966-present day, have come from; this region in which 70 per cent of all genocidist Nigeria personnel recruited and deployed to murder Igbo people in the past 52 years of the Igbo genocide come from; this region which is the recruiting ground of terrorists Boko Haram and Fulani militia, two of the world’s five deadliest terrorist organisations in operation presently; this region which is at the epicentre of genocidist Nigeria’s unenviable role as the “country” that has murdered more Africans in Biafra since 1945 than the total number of Africans murdered across Africa since 1900 by all of Europe’s conqueror-powers in Africa: Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain – including the number of Africans the Germans murdered in the genocide of the Herero, Nama and Berg Damara peoples of southwest Africa, 1904-1907…
(Mal Waldron Quartet, “Hymn from the inferno” [personnel: Waldron, piano; Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone; Cecil McBee, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums; recorded: Vanguard Studios, New York, US, 15 August 1981])

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