Thursday, 14 March 2019

82nd birthday of Michael Echeruo

(Born 14 March 1937, Umunumo, Biafra)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

POET, literary critic, academic, university vice chancellor (president/rector),  offers selfless and distinguished service as head of the Biafra resistance government’s communication directorate during phases I-III of the Igbo genocide, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970, foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest Africa, carried out by Fulani islamist/jihadist-led Nigeria and its suzerain state Britain who murder 3.1 million Igbo people or 25 per cent of this nation’s population; in phase-IV of the genocide, 13 January 1970-present day, the dual genocidists have murdered an additional tally of tens of thousands of Igbo people – including the 3000 murdered by the Muhammadu Buhari regime and its adjunct Fulani militia since November 2015, following Buhari’s imposition in power in March 2015 by ex-US President Barack Obama and ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron
(Booker Little Sextet, “We speak” [personnel: Little, trumpet; Julian Priester, trombone; Eric Dolphy, alto saxophone; Don Friedman, piano; Art Davis, bass; Max Roach, drums; recorded: Nola’s Penthouse Studios, New York, US, 17 March 1961])

*****Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe is author of the recently published The longest genocide  since 29 May 1966 (2019)  (

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