Saturday, 16 March 2019

Delusionary genocidist Nigeria...

(Olusegun Obasanjo: ... delusion ... fantasy ... hallucination)

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

Nigeria will be one of the ten leading nations in the world by the end of the centuryOlusegun Obasanjo, head of the genocidist Nigeria military junta, 1979 (Chinua Achebe, The Trouble with Nigeria [Enugu: Fourth Dimension, 1983, p. 9]).

FORTY YEARS after this Nigerïaña fantasy, proclaimed by a génocidaire in the Igbo genocide who the London Financial Times, it should be recalled, labelled admirably as the godfather of modern Nigeria” (London, 14 April 2012), this “country” is nothing else but arguably the globe’s most notorious genocidist state whose current regime, headed by jihadist Muhammadu Buhari, retains the Boko Haram and Fulani militia, two of the five deadliest terrorist groups on earth presently (Institute of Economics & Policy, “Global Terrorism Index 2015”, Sydney: IEP, November 2015), as adjunct brigades it deploys in its genocide against the Igbo people of Biafra and its expanded campaigns within Nigeria itself to destroy a constellation of constituent African nations, predominantly Christians, domiciled in the south Kaduna provinces of the northcentral region and  in the eastcentral Benue valley.
(George Russell Sextet here plays “Nardis”, a composition by Miles Davis [personnel: Russell, piano; Don Ellis, trumpet; Dave Baker, trombone; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Steve Swallow, bass; Joe Hunt, drums; recorded: Riverside Records, New York, US, 8 May 1961])

*****Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe is author of the recently published The longest genocide  since 29 May 1966 (2019)  (

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