Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nigeria: Fate of the genocide state

Nigeria is arguably the most notorious of the “Berlin-states” of Africa. Presently, it is perversely celebrating the infamy of its conquest and occupation by Britain and “awarding” officially designated accolades to some of the latter’s lead conqueror-personages as part of this “celebration”. Nigeria is a genocide state. It is also a kakistocratic state. Nigeria is the first genocide state in post-(European)conquest Africa. Between 29 May 1966 and 12 January 1970, Nigeria embarked on the genocide of Igbo people, a hardworking constituent people who played a vanguard role (beginning in the 1930s) in the freeing of Nigeria from the British occupation. Nigeria murdered 3.1 million Igbo, one-quarter of this nation’s population within those gruesome 44 months. This genocide is still ongoing as these notes are written. Igbo and any other peoples subjected to genocide have no other choice but abandon this state and create alternative states of freedom and security. Surely, a genocide state is no candidate for “reforms”, “structuring”, “re-structuring”, “negotiating”, “re-negotiating”, “claiming”, “re-claiming” nor any such inanities. A genocide state is dismantled. This is its fate in history.

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