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FWD: The Poetry of Genocide

Call for submissions: The Poetry of Genocide
Dear friends
The Combat Genocide Association is pleased to introduce the first anthology of poetry about genocide. The anthology will include poetry written by survivors, witnesses, and relatives of genocide victims. We intend to collect about 100 poems from different genocides. The anthology will be published in several languages and countries.
 We seek your help in locating poems written during or after these events:
 *The genocide in Bangladesh (1971)
 *The genocide in Cambodia (1975-1979)
 *The genocide in Bosnia (1992-1995)
 *The Holocaust (1941-1945)
 *The mass murder of the Roma (1941-1945)
 *The Armenian genocide (1915-1918)
 *The genocide in Guatemala (1981-1983)
 *The genocide in Rwanda (1994)
 *The genocide in Biafra (1966-1970)
 *The genocide in Darfur (2003- today)
We, the members of the Combat Genocide Association, Jews and Arabs, women and men, cry out in pain for the murdered innocents. Our cry is a protest against the authorities who did not stop the terror. Our cry is an expression of anguish that a people can be defined as inferior and then inhuman, until their slaughter is not a crime but a duty.
We cry out, too, for the equality of every person, for the fight against evil, for freedom, and for peace. Our cry is an echo of the cries of those who were there. Our anthology will educate using their cries, from within the horror, the cries that were captured in poetry.
“For a poem is not timeless ... [it] can be a message in a bottle, sent out in the- not always hopeful- belief that somewhere and sometime it could wash up on land, on heartland perhaps” –  Paul Celan
 This anthology can become a powerful educational tool for students of all ages. Poems should be sent to the Combat Genocide Association by May 1st, 2014. Where possible, please include a brief biographical description of the author (up to 200 words).
With thanks for your assistance
Maya Valentine
Combat Genocide Association
 ©2014 Micr

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