Monday, 17 February 2014

What census is not in a Nigeria

Writing in his memoirs, Harold Smith, the Oxford educated official in the British conquest and occupation regime in Lagos, Nigeria, during the 1950s/1960, recalls:
The British loved the North and had arranged for 50% of the
votes to be controlled by the Northern People’s Congress …
Because of this, independence was to some extent a sham
because the results were a foregone conclusion. The North
and the British would continue to rule … [this poll was a]
mockery because the outcome – Northern domination of
Nigeria after independence – was assured before a single
vote was cast.
Fifty-three years later, Festus Odimegwu, brilliant chemist and entrepreneur and head of the so-called census commission in Nigeria, reminds the world of this historic British fraudulence and, in response, head-of-regime Jonathan relieves Odimegwu of his position. This genocide and kakistocratic state has also within its retrogressive recesses the ambition to abolish the truth that every hardworking school child knows. O di egwu!

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