Monday, 19 September 2016

FWD: Chike Ofili on Biafra, history, geography

Writing on his Facebook wall on Sunday 18 September 2016, Chike Ofili notes [reposted as in the original]:

DELTA STATE IS HISTORICALLY BIAFRA; as it is Geographically and Ethnically so, too

A most stupid thing [by Delta SSG to deny that Delta is part of Biafra] at a time when an Anioma Igbo is the Governor of Delta state, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa just as an Ikwerre Igbo is also the Governor of Rivers state, Barrister Wysome Wike giving us SEVEN IGBO GOVERNORS.
(Chika Ofili: ... so SS ... take your SS utterance ... to where it rightly belongs ...)
But a historically illiterate government plagued by a peculiar group identity crisis, will always vomit rubbish. No wonder Delta is the most ravished and troubled by armed Fulani herdsmen. Including killing the King of one its oldest kingdoms, the late Obi of Ubulu Uku without any effective check from the Delta state government that ever goes beyond the governor sounding tough in his responsive anger.

The decision whether Dellta state is part of Biafra that it was historically a part of, is no solely theirs. The decision rests squarely with the people. Even Ojukwu as the former Governor of the entire old Eastern region that now makes up South East and South south, knew that the decision was beyond him. He had to seek the peoples permission before he went ahead to fight for the classical Biafra.

Biafra may be geographically South East and South South, Biafra is essentially Igbo. And the Igbo cut across the two regions and onto Edo state and the Middle Belt.

So SS to the Governor, take your SS, sickle cell anemia utterance to where it rightly belongs, A SICK BAY.
(Ornette Coleman Quartet, “C & D” 
{or Civilization and its Discontents – Sigmund Freud}[personnel: Coleman, alto saxophone; Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; Scott LaFaro, bass; Ed Blackwell, drums; recorded: Atlantic Studios, New York, US, 31 January 1961])

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