Thursday, 29 September 2016

Igbo Americans and the US presidential election

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

IN HIS USUAL strategic articulations on the interest and future wellbeing of Igbo people, George Enyoazu has on his Facebook wall, beginning 8 September 2016, raised the profound issue of choice for Igbo Americans as they decide to vote at the US presidential election on Tuesday 8 November 2016. This initiative, as would have been expected, resulted in a debate involving several correspondents and the exchanges have indeed been hearty and informative. 

Enyoazu emphatically asks Igbo Americans to prioritise or privilege the motherland, Biafra, when they go out to cast their vote at this poll. One cannot overemphasise Enyoazu’s timely appeal. I am not aware of any US administration since the outbreak of the Igbo genocide in May 1966 during the Lynden Johnson presidency that has unambiguously supported genocidist Nigeria as that of Barack Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state). The historic tragedy of this support for the continuation of the Igbo genocide is underscored, further, by the fact that Obama is the first African-descent president of the US republic in 233 years of existence. Hillary Clinton states clearly that her presidency, if she were elected, would continue the essentials of 8 years of the Obama residency. 

Igbo Americans surely have a role to play in these hectic times and they cannot ignore the 3.1 million and more Igbo murdered since Sunday 29 May 1966 as they cast their votes in November. Or, would they? I am posting the following link as a contribution to this all important subject that Enyoazu has started:
(Sonny Rollins Quintet, “Decision” [personnel: Rollins, tenor saxophone, Donald Byrd, trumpet; Wynton Kelly, piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Max Roach, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, US, 16 December 1956])

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  1. Chukwu Ebuka
    The journey must continue. I donated and voted #Trump. We are quite sure that God is doing something different this time around.