Friday, 2 September 2016

85th birthday of Clifford Jordan

(Born 2 September 1931, Chicago, US)
Percipient tenor saxophonist and composer who, for 30 years, beginning in the mid-1950s, builds up an impressive range of collaborative work with leading rhythm and brass instrument-bandleaders of the age including Roach, Mingus, Chambers, Davis, Waldron, Walton, Weston, Hill, Gillespie, Morgan, Farmer, Reece, as well as work with multiinstrumentalist Dolphy and fellow tenorist Gilmore 
(ps: the gritty cascading texture of Jordan’s tenor solo in Charles Mingus’s “Meditations” [below], beginning 21.07 minutes into the recording, opens up yet another vista of creativity in this seminar at Cornell when it appears that all had been exhausted by the brilliant readings of Dolphy [flute/bass clarinet], Byard [piano], Coles [trumpet] and Mingus [bass] himself premiered 21 minutes earlier...)
(Charles Mingus Sextet – with Eric Dolphy, Cornell University 1964, “Meditations” [personnel: Mingus, bass; Johnny Coles, trumpet; Dolphy, flute, bass clarinet; Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone; Byard, piano; Dannie Richmond, drums; recorded: live, Cornell University, 18 March 1964]) 

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