Monday, 22 January 2018

Noted move from Yorubaland, west Nigeria, on genocidist Nigeria’s “Fulani cattle colony” annexation & islamisation project

(Olu Falae: ... Yoruba people will not concede one inch of its territory as a colony...

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

OLU FALAE, a leading Yoruba public figure and one time regime secretary, is unmistakably candid in a press conference in Akure, west Nigeria (Vanguard, Lagos, 22 January 2018):  “[T]here shall not be cattle colonies in any part of Yorubaland. It’s a fraud ... A colony is a political entity which someone said [they] want ... to create in the territory of another; that is a provocation; that is terrible for anybody to contemplate ... [A]s a leader of the [Yoruba], the Yoruba people will not concede one inch of its territory as a colony to another person.”

(The New York Contemporary Five plays Don Cherry’s composition, “Consequences” [personnel: Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone; Cherry, pocket trumpet; John Tchicai, alto saxophone; Don Moore, bass; JC Moses, drums; recorded: live, Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 November 1963])
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